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Private Music Lessons & Instruction

Lesson Content

A native of Hong Kong, Preston Lau began playing piano at the age of nine after a Chinese fortune teller helped him discover his passion and talent in music. While studying traditional classical piano with a teacher, Preston spent most of his time learning to play his favorite contemporary music entirely by ear, and performing the songs naturally with heart and soul. In 1996 he left Hong Kong to further his education at Northfield Mount Hermon School in Massachusetts, USA, where he was introduced to and fell in love with the American art form of Jazz music. Later he earned his Bachelor of Music degree from the prestigious University of Miami Frost School of Music where he studied Music Business and Jazz Piano Performance. The institution's Studio Music and Jazz program is consistently known as among the best in the nation. It was also the first music school in the nation to offer the innovative degree in Music Business and Entertainment Industries. Among some of the nation's finest musicians and professors Preston studied with were Vince Maggio (former private student of Oscar Peterson), Phillip Strange (Doctor of Musical Arts), Matt Bonelli (former bassist for the Bee Gees), and Maurice Oberstein (former CEO of CBS Records and Chairman of BPI).

Currently Preston works as freelance music producer/composer, pianist, DJ and music educator, and has 10 years of working experience in various parts of the music industry including the position of Marketing Officer at Naxos, the world's largest Classical music label and distributor, piano & DJ performance, and event producer & organizer. As a jazz music enthusiast and teacher, he strongly believes the uniquely American art form of jazz is a powerful and important language that teaches and challenges musicians and beginners to think creatively, differently, freely, emotionally while pushing the boundaries of music creation and self expression. Jazz also plays an important role in strongly influencing many other styles of contemporary music around the world.

For full biography of Preston Lau, please visit the Biography page.

Qualifications & Background

Piano & Keyboard Performances By Preston Lau

Flat Six Music Studio

8B Glenealy Building

7 Glenealy Road

Central, Hong Kong




- Blues, Pop, RnB, Funk, Rock, Bossa Nova, Jazz literature


- Playing techniques


- Accompanying techniques


- Improvisation


- Jazz music theory


- Composition/arranging techniques


- Ear training


- Listening & analysis


- Jazz music history



Content can be tailor made for student's specific needs.



English and/or Cantonese

Flat Six Music Studio in Central District, Hong Kong, or student's home.

- Bachelor of Music, University Of Miami Frost School of Music                                                                                                                  - Received professional training from some of the top Jazz & Contemporary music educators & musicians in the USA.
- Jazz & Contemporary Piano Performer
- Music Producer & Composer                                                                                                                                  

- Piano Instructor at Chinese International School

Medium of Instruction

Teaching Location

About Preston Lau



- 1998 Nothfield Mount Hermon School top music award 'Joseph Elliot Award'


- Berklee College of Music 1998 Jazz Ensemble Festival 'Judges' Choice Award'


- Sha Tin College's first ever 'College Award', specially created for outstanding contribution to music

Au Yin Tak & Preston Lau - 李香蘭 (Live @ Hong Kong Cultural Centre)

Au Yin Tak & Preston Lau performing Japanese classic song 李香蘭 at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall.

Preston Lau Trio - Hey Now (Live)

Jazz piano trio performance at the University of Miami School of Music.

Preston Lau & Julian Law - Affirmation Jam

Preston Lau & Julian Law improvising on 'Affirmation' by Jose Feliciano

Robynn Yip (From Robynn & Kendy) & Preston Lau - Just The Way You Are (Live)

Preston Lau performing 'Just The Way You Are' with Robynn Yip (From Robynn & Kendy)  

Au Yin Tak & Preston Lau - She (By Elvis Costello)

Au Yin Tak & Preston Lau performs 'She' (By Elvis Costello) at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall. 

Preston Lau / Julian Law / Shaun Liu - Bye Bye Blackbird (Live @ Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong)

Preston Lau, Julian Law & Shaun Liu performing Jazz standard 'Bye Bye Blackbird' @ Lobster Bar, Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong.

Fungi Project - Night Rhythms (Band Rehearsal On June 9, 2013)

Preston Lau's band 'Fungi Project' rehearsing 'Night Rhythms'.

Fungi Project - I Feel Good (Band Rehearsal)

Preston Lau's band 'Fungi Project' rehearsing 'I Feel Good'. 

Teal - Disappear (Live)

'Teal' featuring Preston Lau, Sherin Siew & Sam W performing 'Disappear' (By The Gabe Dixon Band) @ M1NT, Hong Kong. 

Dawen, Preston Lau, James Low - Put Your Swords Down (Live)

Performance of 'Put Your Swords Down' by Dawen at Philia Lounge, Central, Hong Kong.

Teal - Fever Dream (Live)

Preston Lau &  singer/songwriter Sherin Siew performing 'Fever Dream'.

Kevin Kaho Tsui & Preston Lau - Cannonball (Live in Central, Hong Kong)

Preston Lau performing with singer/songwirter Kevin Kaho Tsui.

Rase & Preston (DJ vs Electric Keyboard) - Live @ Music Is The Answer (Feb 23, 2013)

Rase & Preston are an electronic dance music duo featuring Rase as DJ and Preston Lau on electric keyboard. The group combines the DJ art form with live improvised playing on the electric keyboard, providing interaction with the DJ and music. Musical styles range from jazzy deep house to the darker sounds of progressive house.

Trance Music Production Session

Preston Lau & Michael L. Trance music production session at Flat Six Music Studio, Central, Hong Kong.

Carol Cheung & Preston Lau - 至少還有你

Performance with vocalist Carol Cheung at wedding dinner @ Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong.

Teal - Morningside (Live)

Live performance of 'Morningside' (by Sara Bareilles) with Sherin Siew & Sam W at Music Matters 2010, Hong Kong. 

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Tel/Whatsapp: (852) 9248-7112

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